The Art of Cigars

Written By: Boston Jimmie

We are a sophisticated bunch!


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  1. Al Szaraz says:

    Found this Cigar Poem thought you might enjoy!

    Looking for Mr. Goodsmoke

    He met her at a bar
    They call the humidor
    And from the look she gave him
    He knew that he would score
    She said “your ash is firm”
    He said “your butt is smokin’”
    She said “you seem complex”
    He said “you must be jokin’”
    A quick glance at his finger
    She saw he was unbanded
    He confirmed he was a “single”
    Not likely to be branded
    She said “my recent love life
    Has strictly been ‘a mano’
    But if you come to my place
    We’ll change that if you wan’o”
    He said “you’re much too loose”
    She said “you must be tight”
    But his draw was getting hard
    So he joined her for the night
    He thought that she’d be sweet
    Mild and light as fluff
    But she was hot and spicy
    And liked to play it rough
    She asked if he would binder
    He said he’d rather filler
    She wanted him to wrapper
    He feared that he might kill her
    She tried to pinch his foot
    She tried to nip his head
    They finally reached a compromise
    And rolled around instead
    When the night was over
    They lay smoking on the floor
    Their lust burned to ashes
    Their bodies spent and sore
    She asked if he would ring
    He said “it’s hard to gauge
    I think it might be safer
    When you’ve mellowed some with age”
    But he would soon be back
    Both knew and understood

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