Written By: Boston Jimmie

Space Coast Cigars is an online magazine otherwise known as an e-zine that was created to serve cigar lovers on the Space Coast of Florida. It was born out of the love of cigars by two friends. J.V. Callaghan (A.K.A. Boston Jimmie) and Mike Peters. We have been enjoying the burn for decades and decided those that live on, or visit the Space Coast, from Titusville to Cocoa to Melbourne to Rockledge to Sebastian and the Beaches need to know where to get their smokes and where they can enjoy their cigars with out scrutiny.

We believe cigar smoking is not a crime and we endorse the lifestyle that cigar smokers enjoy. We hope that as Space Coast Cigars E-zine increases in readership and support from fellow cigar Aficionados it will be the definitive source for everything cigar related; here on the  Space Coast.

Boston Jimmie

Boston Jimmie

So if you live here in sunny Florida, or are just visiting on business or vacation, let us be your source for all things cigars. Feel free to comment on our site and provide content about your favorite places and things to do. You can also like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter

We also invite you to visit our National Cigar E-zine, Stogie Press for more cigar reviews, news, and entertainment related to the cigar industry and lifestyle.

Finding the Flavor – Loving the Lifestyle

If you got em smoke ‘em, if not, get ‘em…

JVC and Mike


  1. Mike Peters says:

    Boston J: Always remember you lighting the stogies with the Guy Fieri hunch, and the longest ash in town! Love ya. – MP

  2. Yes the best shop in Fort Lauderdale is Cigar Outlet

  3. Al Szaraz says:

    Best cigar shop in the area, thanks Jimmy

  4. Hello, again,

    I talked to the guy on Forrest this afternoon. I will try for the third time to find him; when I do, I will put a photo and link on my site http://www.spanishcedarbook.com. Big Licks was nifty. Thanks for the tip. Cheers. Kit

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