Old Fashioned Soda Fountains

Written By: Boston Jimmie - Jul• 02•14

My fellow Brothers and Sisters of the Leaf were talking the other night at our local cigar shop, and we start to reminisce about days gone by. The topic of the old fashioned drink fountains  (soda fountains if you are from NY) and the fine shops they were in. It was quite clear to me, that we all spent time in those shops when we were young. It was the center of our community, the place we gathered to enjoy a Cherry Coke, Malted Shake, or a delicious NY Egg Cream (recipe), while we discussed the days or weeks events. We all got along and enjoyed those moments together.

The soda fountains were usually located in drug stores or candy stores. I always liked the candy store variety because they had pinball machines. We used love to play that game. Later on came the video games but I still preferred pinball. Hey, The Who even wrote a song about me…well not really but it was pretty good. The candy stores had plenty of sweet candy and baseball cards with that interesting tasting stick of gum.

Parents even liked the places; they knew where we were for hours. Perhaps if you left, you and the crew would shift next door for a slice of Pizza then head home or back to the shop.

Yea – Those were the days.

But wait – What are we doing now that we are all grown up?

We are hanging out with friends of all walks of life, sitting around enjoying each other’s company. We talk about the days or weeks events, though this time a little more insightful and instead of eating chips or cheese doodles we are smoking our favorite cigar in the local cigar shop. We relax for hour(s) and our wives or significant others don’t worry about us because they know where we are, unless of course they enjoy the scene and accompany you.

We may even order a pizza to share. Some of us still drink a coke but we know that is not the same as the soda shop ones. Others will pair a special beverage with their stogie like coffee, beer, wine, whisky, and rum to bring out the flavor.

So times may have changed, and we may have gotten older, but we all seem to have that same young heart, to gather together socially and enjoy doing what we love.

Please support your local cigar shop and Stop the FDA from taking away our freedom.

Life is grand – Fine Ashes

Boston Jimmie


Drew Estate Event – Executive Cigars Melbourne FL

Written By: Boston Jimmie - Jun• 27•14

It has been a busy month for cigar event here on the Space Coast of Florida. I just flew in from a week in Detroit and headed right over to Executive Cigars in downtown Melbourne, FL.  The Executive Cigar Shop & Lounge is a full-service cigar lounge specializing in premium hand-rolled cigars and smoking accessories. They have a full line of products including humidors, cutters, lighters, ashtrays, and shirts; as well as hundreds of other related items. Their walk-in humidor regularly stocks over 400 full boxes of premium cigars. There was a nice mix of regulars and some not so regulars that came out for this event.



Tonight’s  cigar meeting featured Drew Estate and co-hosted by the one and only Rex Schneider from Drew Estate.

Drew Estate Event  june 26.22

Rex Schneider





Rex and Drew Estate featured some of their newest blends tonight and of course some of the raffle prizes were highly desirable sticks  such as the Liga Privada. The lineup from Drew Estate included, the new Kentucky Fire Cured Fat Molly, Acid Toast , Undercrown,  and many more. For Ten bucks you got a stick and raffle.  Buying boxes got you even more raffle chances.


As usual, the team at Executive Cigars joined with Drew Estate did an outstanding job. ‎We enjoyed libations served up by the fabulous bar staff including “The Zoom Lens” – Erica,    “The Uni Bomber”-  Leah and “The Little Magicians Mama’s Heart” – Angie . Now don’t ask me, these are the names Tony gave them. Also mentioned was  “The Tape Measure” – Larry. I feel like I am in a Sopranos episode with all these cool nick names but of course who am I to speak out, I am known as “Boston Jimmie”

The food this evening was served up by Melbourne’s own Crane Creek Hideaway and it was excellent. Crane Creek does an excellent job with their BBQ and they come highly recommended. The pulled pork was some of the best I have had.

Well, as normal at an Executive Cigar Lounge meeting, there were a few other announcements by Tony.



Tony  noted, that next month,  he and Larry will be at the IPCPR convention in Vegas and will be back with the newest and best blends. The July meeting will be held July 31 and we can all expect to here about the convention and what the latest buzz is on new sticks. Tony also mentioned that he has a special stick to feature in July. That would be a rare Christmas release Cigar from Arturo Fuente that he has been hiding away for some time now. He will have limited quantities of this outstanding stick, so come in and check them out. Also, don’t forget, to down load the Executive Cigar App, if you have not done so yet. The app will get you the latest news from the store and you will be one of the first to know what new sticks have arrived.

Once the announcement were complete, it was time for the raffles. And this time, the Executive Cigar lounge gave the first 5 prizes to “Virgins of the Raffle Game”. If you have never been to the Executive Cigar Lounge, they do their raffles a little bit different than other shops. They have a board with cigar boxes attached to it. If you number is called, you get to step up to the board and select any unopened box and you win the prize inside. Of course if you have never played the game you are a “virgin”.  One other twist is that if you are the first to be selected, you also have to accept the wiener dog and hold onto the wiener until the next cigar meeting. I am told they can track the wiener and will find you if you don’t return it.

Now without further adieu, the winners of the raffles are pictured below.

Of course the final ticket drawn does not have a box to open so they win the grand prize. Tonight that was a beautiful Drew Estate glass ashtray. pretty cool if i do say so myself.

Drew Estate Event  june 26.39Drew Estate Event  june 26.40

One last note, yours truly, is no longer a Virgin as of this past evening, as I did win a nice  Drew Estate “My Uzi Weighs a Ton” and some restaurant cash for Meg O’Malleys across the street. . I will have a review  up soon on this bad boy of a stogie.

Once again, thanks Tony, Rex, and Drew Estate for a wonderful evening of fun and cigars.


Boston Jimmie

My Father Cigars Event – Paradise Cigarz

Written By: Boston Jimmie - Jun• 21•14

This past Friday I attended the My Father  Cigars event hosted by Paradize Cigarz in Rockledge Florida. You have heard me talk about Paradise Cigarz in the past and as expected Brook and his wife Theresa  put on an outstanding event.


Besides the fact that one of my favorite cigar representatives, Joaquin Saladrigan was there from My Father Cigars, Inc. Brook also had a fantastic 2 piece band (acoustic guitar and drums)  known as Next of Kin (NOK). They belted out some fine tunes ranging from the 70′s to today and entertained us for hours as we enjoyed our sticks and libations.



Joaquin introduced us to the newest lineup in the My Father Cigars collection; the La Antiguedad which is Spanish for The Antiquity. This fine stick is blended with filler tobaccos from three areas in Nicaragua all on farms privately owned by the Garcia family. Joaguin explained that everything is grown by the Garcia family except the wrapper which is Ecuadoran Habano leaf. The La Antigedad is a box pressed cigar and comes in 5 vitolas:

  • 5 1/4 by 52 Robusto
  • 5 5/8 by 55 Toro
  • 6 3/8 by 47 Corona Grande
  • 7 by 56 Super Toro
  • 6 by 60 Toro Gordo

I sampled the Super Toro and have to say it was a deliciously smooth smoke with a buttery start combined with gentle spice throughout, notes of coffee and some citrus. I purchased a box of Toros which landed me a 3-pack of My Father Cigars Special-S cigars which are based on the company’s very-limited 2007 release El Centurion.  After I smoke one of those I will have a review  on it very soon along with a review of the La Antiguedad when I crack open the box of Toros.

Well the band played on and all the brothers and sisters of the leaf enjoyed their smokes, drinks, and NOK, while Brook started to raffle off some nifty prizes. Every one I spoke with had a grand time and even some friends I have not seen since my 3 month trip to Detroit came out. We caught up on stories and smoked My Father Cigars throughout the night.

Before we departed, Joaquin showed us his latest tattoo – a true testament of his loyalty to My Father Cigars.


He also showed us his other tats.


All in all this was an outstanding event, but again, I expected nothing less from My Father Cigars and the Paradise Cigarz family.

If you got’em smoke’em if not the get’em.

And don’t forget to check out our newest National Cigar E-zine – Stogie Press

Boston Jimmie


Oliva SERIE V Maduro Especial 2012 Toro

Written By: Boston Jimmie - Jun• 15•14


This Father’s day I was treated to a box of Oliva Serie V Maduro Especial 2012 Toros. I am big Oliva V fan and was very pleased to get this box from my wife.

To start off with, these are limited edition cigars, only 5,000 were produced. This is the 5th year that Oliva has produced the Especial Limited. Like previous years the wrapper is a Mexican San Andrés Maduro with Nicaragua filler and binder. The wrapper of this fine vitola was dark brown in color with little to no veins.


The pre-light draw offered up hints of chocolate with a little spice on my lips, and tip of my toungue. As I fired it up, it gave me spice and what seemed a little nut flavor. It had a perfect draw and excellent burn. The smoke was rich and creamy. I noticed that there were no soft spots along this stick, and was tightly rolled and stuffed for flavor. The ash was a nice light grey.

As it burned through the first third, there was a sweet scent in the retrohale and not to harsh from the spice, there even was a hint of floral, but that could have been from the Highland Park 15 I decided to pair this with. The spice mellowed out near the end of the first 3rd and then progressed into coffee undertones as the 2nd third began. Being a rich maduro it surprised me not being overbearing but just pleasant to the pallete and the nose. This is not a typical maduro. I certainly did not get the “nicups” from this stogie.

As it transitioned into the final 3rd, there was a wonderful sweetness developing. With a mix of coffee and cocoa. This was a delightful surprise and a welcome to my senses. This sweetness continued all the way to the finish with the final finish having a little spice added back in.

I may have to pair this with my morning espresso.

Cuban coffee & Oliva cigar for web

Great job Oliva. Now i need to hide the rest of the box from myself, which is usually quite difficult to do. I rate this a solid 92

Cigars Etc. Oliva Event and Friday Fest Downtown Melbourne

Written By: Boston Jimmie - Jun• 15•14
Tommy for web

Tommy Frey

This Friday the 13th was quite a splendid night. Besides being the monthly Friday fest in downtown Melbourne florida it was also the Oliva Event at Cigars Etc. For those that have not been to Tommy Frey”s new shop downtown you are in for a welcome surprise. He has 2 full walk-in humidors and some the best prices in the local area. Check out our review of his shop here.


Cigars Etc. is a not lounge but rather an old school cigar shop  with a new school flair. Smoking is not usually allowed inside due to restrictions, but chairs line up outside with local cigar Aficionados  enjoying their favorite sticks and watching people walk by. Tonight was special though, Oliva Cigar Co. was in town and I could not have been happier. I love the Oliva lineup especially the Oliva V. We also learned that Oliva has picked up Padilla cigars and of course that is an added bonus not to mention the famed Cain cigars also.

The patrons packed the shop and the sticks sold well, especially with Fathers Day only two days away. I personally picked up a box of Oliva V. Maduro Especial Toros’s, which I was to later discover is a fantastic cigar (see review here).


Melbourne’s Friday fest is an event that happens the 2nd Friday of every month. It is when all the town folk come out to party and celebrate life.  They close the street off for blocks and allow you to walk about with drinks in hand in and out the restaurants  and pubs while shopping in the many gift and antique shops that stay open throughout the event. The whole event has a kind of Key West feel to it. There are bands filling the night air with sounds of rock, blues, and oldies  and even a DJ spinning at the end of New Haven Ave. One of the benefits to downtown is that it is totally cigar friendly. Many pubshave covered outdoor seating areas that allow cigars and many of those that don’t  serve food allow cigars inside.

One of my favorite places along the strip is Matt’s Casbah restaurant, and this night, Matt was catering an event for the 1984 graduating class of Melbourne High School. The featured dish was, roasted gator, and Matt did up right.

Resized Grilled Gator

All in all, the event both at Cigars Etc. and Friday Fest, were outstanding. Melbourne does a great job with these events. Cigar Etc. and Oliva gave us exactly what we came for. Great specials on some of the best sticks out there, raffle prizes of cigar packs, lighters and ashtrays. Thanks Tommy, we will see you soon.



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